Biodiversity Knowledge Agora

The BioAgora project develops the Science Service for Biodiversity – an essential component of the Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity. This Science Service will help orchestrating and channelling knowledge to increase successful implementation of the EU biodiversity commitments. This, however, cannot be done without biodiversity knowledge creators.

We therefore call on you to join the Biodiversity Knowledge Agora, which will form a platform for efficient science-policy dialogue on biodiversity. Whether you are a scientist, a researcher, a biodiversity expert working in an NGO or consultancy, or another stakeholder with relevant knowledge that may help support knowledge-based policy making in the field of biodiversity, you are welcome to join the Biodiversity Knowledge Agora community.

Why should you join the Biodiversity Knowledge Agora?

Location of the BioAgora kick-off
  • We offer you a possibility to make a change on biodiversity related policymaking through the uptake of your knowledge in EU Directorates-General (DGs) which are developing, implementing and managing EU policy, law, and funding programmes.

  • You will help us and the EU build the Science Service for Biodiversity, respond to knowledge needs at the right time, and support the urgently needed transformative change to protect biodiversity through inclusive processes and just transition.

  • You will gain a deeper insight into policy processes and be directly connected with knowledge holders from both your own disciplines as well as other disciplines and sectors. 

  • You can also help identify knowledge gaps, prioritize research needs, and join capacity building activities. In return, your participation will help make policy decisions more evidence based and legitimate.

  • The participation in the Biodiversity Knowledge Agora is entirely voluntary basis.

Join the Biodiversity Knowledge Agora

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