Science service for Biodiversity

BioAgora will develop a Science Service for Biodiversity (SSBD) that fully supports the ecological transition required by the European Green Deal and the European Union’s Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.

In order to bring about sustainable changes, biodiversity and natural capital need to be integrated into public and business decision-making at all levels.

Policy-makers at local, national, and European level should have easy access to information on how sustainability transformation for biodiversity has already been implemented locally across Europe.

The Science Service for Biodiversity will respond to this current gap in Science-Policy Interfaces, but will also foresee future needs. It will provide the scientific pillar of the EU’s Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity (KCBD).

From 2023 to 2026, BioAgora will:

Pilot and test different functions and mechanisms of the SSBD to set up dynamic, inclusive and functional Service

Establish governing bodies, decision-making mechanisms and ethical infrastructure for the SSBB

Apply the business plan canvas as a tested approach to define the profile, characteristics and niche, marketing plan, and financial plan of the SSBD

Develop an interactive and widely accessible web-platform, enabling all relevant actors to use and benefit from this Service

Multi-service approach

 A service to Biodiversity by improving the Science Policy Society interface in Europe

A service to knowledge holders

Builds a trusted knowledge and evidence base on biodiversity

Creates an open and trusted channel for scientists to inform and influence EU policies 

Enhances collaboration between different disciplines and expertise across countries 

Consolidates and better uses existing data and databases

A service to Science-Policy Interfaces

Builds on, complements and orchestrates existing science-policy initiatives

Supports transformation of SPIs

A service to Society

Supports better informed decisions

Improves outreach of scientists

Empowers citizens, businesses and practitioners

Fosters transdisciplinary collaboration

Improves trust in science 

A service to Policy

Creates the scientific pillar of the Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity (KCBD) to contribute to the implementation of the EU Biodiversity strategy for 2030. 

Supports and creates a new dynamic dialogue between science and policy 

Supports  the ambition of national, European and international biodiversity policies

Supports the EU to take a leadership on a transformative pathway in biodiversity governance

Ensures relevant research priorities 

Builds and creates a model for other (interlinked) Science Services 

Enhances cost-effectiveness of investment in European research

Enhances responsiveness to policy needs 

Ensures policies rooted in scientific knowledge - increasing trust in public policies 

A Service to the EU funded community


Increases the potential of bringing research and knowledge into  EU policy-making


Minimizes duplication of work and use resources wisely, by improving synergies between actors, e.g. EU funded projects


Co-develops an official SPI between funder and EU-funded knowledge community


Answers the need of ensuring uptake of generated knowledge into EU policy