Science service for Biodiversity

BioAgora will develop a Science Service for Biodiversity (SSBD) that fully supports the ecological transition required by the European Green Deal and the European Union’s Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.

In order to bring about sustainable changes, biodiversity and natural capital need to be integrated into public and business decision-making at all levels.

Policy-makers at local, national, and European level should have easy access to information on how sustainability transformation for biodiversity has already been implemented locally across Europe.

The Science Service for Biodiversity will respond to this current gap in Science-Policy Interfaces, but will also foresee future needs. It will provide the scientific pillar of the EU’s Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity (KCBD).

From 2023 to 2026, BioAgora will:

Pilot and test different functions and mechanisms of the SSBD to set up dynamic, inclusive and functional Service

Establish governing bodies, decision-making mechanisms and ethical infrastructure for the SSBB

Apply the business plan canvas as a tested approach to define the profile, characteristics and niche, marketing plan, and financial plan of the SSBD

Develop an interactive and widely accessible web-platform, enabling all relevant actors to use and benefit from this Service