BioAgora held a workshop on biodiversity and citizen science at the 5th ECSA 2024 Conference

The European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) recently concluded its 5th conference, commemorating its 10th anniversary in Vienna on 3-6 April. Hosted by the Austrian Network for Citizen Science at BOKU, and the Natural History Museum, Vienna, the event drew funders, members, students, project leaders, volunteers, artists, and policymakers from various countries. The theme of the conference titled “Change” provided emphasis on the multifaceted nature of transformative change and its impact on citizen science and participatory research. 

Special BioAgora interactive workshop on biodiversity and citizen science

A special BioAgora interactive workshop on biodiversity and citizen science, led by project partners Kata Fodor (ESSRG), Karmen Czett (ESSRG) and Nikita Sharma (ECSA), provided a spotlight on the connection between biodiversity, citizen science, and science-policy interfaces. Within the interactive workshop, participants explored integrating diverse stakeholders and knowledge into biodiversity policy-making, especially in the context of the Science Service for biodiversity developed by BioAgora.

Through role-playing exercises and brainstorming sessions, attendees identified barriers to citizen knowledge inclusion in policy-making and proposed innovative strategies for overcoming this challenge. Recommendations ranged from institutionalizing citizen science in urban planning to leveraging it for policymaking tools such as early warning systems. Participants also highlighted the potential role of citizen science in monitoring and working towards international targets such as the SDGs, as well as in supporting biodiversity indicators data. 

The workshop provided a platform for dialogue between citizen science and biodiversity experts, showcasing the potential for greater inclusion in biodiversity governance through citizen science.

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