Stakeholders' network

The BioAgora project invites research communities, municipalities, decision-makers, NGOs, and other actors who actively contribute to biodiversity decision-making and research to engage in the Science Service for Biodiversity.

Your participation is essential to develop a service that will answer the needs and requirements of all key actors for a sustainable environmental policy in Europe.

As a stakeholder, you will therefore play an important role in setting up the new Science Service for Biodiversity and defining its functions.

During our project, you will be directly contacted, invited, and actively engaged in diverse way, such as:

  • In-depth interviews and focus group meetings to better understand current obstacles and levers to engagement in the Science-Policy Interface
  • Capacity development opportunities, such as summer schools, mentoring programmes, online course
  • Citizen engagement such as public fora and science cafes

Open calls for contributions will be available


Would you like to become a BioAgora’s stakeholder?