BioAgora hosted a webinar on the Science-Policy Interface pilot training

On 6 May BioAgora hosted a webinar focusing on the BioAgora Science-Policy Interface. The event titled “Introduction to the BioAgora Science Policy Interface (SPI) pilot training” gathered over 40 researchers and policymakers with the aim to present the concept of the SPI and the future pilot training on the topic.

Three panelists provided a focus on the key topics of the webinar. Firstly, BioAgora scientific co-coordinator Marie Vanderwalle (UFZ) delivered an overview of BioAgora’s activities and collaboration opportunities. Secondly, Karmen Czett (ESSRG) and Kata Fodor (ESSRG) provided insights into the capacity development needs of different actors (including researchers and policymakers) in the  science-policy interface in biodiversity. Lastly, BioAgora SPI pilot training facilitator Estelle Bailan detailed plans for the upcoming SPI pilot training, scheduled for September 23-27 in Drome River Valley, France. Attendees actively engaged in a Q&A session, raising highly relevant questions during the event.

What was the aim of this webinar ?

The main aim of the webinar was to introduce the first BioAgora SPI training scheduled for 23-27 September 2024, in the Drome River Valley, France.

This pilot training will seek to foster collaborative understanding between researchers and policymakers regarding policy and scientific challenges in biodiversity. Under the motto of “Slowing down to work faster and better at the science-policy interface for biodiversity”, the pilot training will provide a focus on a specific case study, exploring the freshwater’s nexus:  agriculture/food, health, economic development and biodiversity conservation and restoration.

Access the webinar recording and presentations

A full recording of the webinar is available on BioAgora youtube channel.

The webinar presentations are also available : BioAgora introduction, SPI Pilot training, Mapping the needs of SPI

Would you like to attend the first BioAgora SPI training held in September 2024 ?

The first BioAgora SPI training scheduled for 23-27 September 2024, in the Drome River Valley, France. Further information and application for the first BioAgora SPI training can be found here.

Deadline for application is: June 15th