Open Science

Open Science is the essence of the BioAgora project aiming to establish the European Science Service for Biodiversity and set science at the service of biodiversity.

In BioAgora, we follow the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles of open science and promote open practices in all our activities. We also contribute to the open science and research culture by fostering co-creation and open diffusion of knowledge.

The FAIR principles, Horizon Europe guidelines, and good scientific
practice implemented in the project ensure:


The inclusive engagement and openness in co-creation of knowledge.

The use of a variety of participatory methods and co-learning activities will ensure the inclusion of actors and stakeholders from diverse spheres of research, citizen science, the private sector, local governments, civil society organisations, etc.


The transparency of the action and upsurge of open information.

BioAgora governance is based on transparent and collaborative interaction between the different actors involved in the project. We are also committed to a wide openness of the results and outputs of the project. Our results, publications and research data are made openly available by default unless there are specific reasons not to.


Usability and relevance of the data and information produced.

BioAgora with its stakeholders will build on the existing knowledge base on environmental policy and biodiversity by tailoring the data to the project and generating new data and knowledge for the development of the Science Service for Biodiversity. All the published data and other outputs produced in the project will be made reusable and interoperable to all.


Findability of results and data.

All publishable outputs of the project, such as research data and publications, will be stored in trusted electronic services, making them findable to all. From these channels they can be easily and permanently found and shared through various channels.


Ethics and respect for rights.

BioAgora's activities are ethically sustainable and based on respect of the rights of all those involved in the project. Particular attention will be paid to the rights of participants when personal data are collected or when intellectual property rights are at stake.

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