BioAgora’s high-level External Advisory Board

The role of the External Advisory Board (EAB) is to help ensuring BioAgora develops the Science Service for Biodiversity functions and provide independent external advice on BioAgora strategic directions and transformative dimensions of the Science Service for Biodiversity.

BioAgora’s EAB is composed of 9 members who have been selected considering their expertise, field of experience, and gender (at least 50 % women). EAB members’ experience and expertise reflect the consortium aspirations, connectivity with key stakeholders’ groups and desire to deliver results that would be relevant for improving the science-policy interface for more effective policy-making on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Members are appointed by the BioAgora Consortium Assembly for a term of 30 months, with the possibility of continuing for a 2nd term.

The External Advisory Board currently consists of 9 high-level experts from science, policy and society sectors: ​

  • Sybille van den Hove, Bridging for Sustainability, CEO, Belgium (Chair of the EAB)
  • Hilde Eggermont, Biodiversa+, Chair, Belgium
  • Chloe Hill, European Geosciences Union, Policy Manager, Germany
  • Carsten Nesshoever, German Environment Agency, Germany
  • Roger Pielke, University of Colorado Boulder, Professor, United States of America
  • Esther Turnhout, University of Twente, Professor, The Netherlands
  • Ronan Uhel, European Environment Agency, Scientific Advisor, Denmark
  • Allan Watt, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Fellow, United Kingdom
  • Laura Höijer, Research Director, The Ministry of Environment of Finland, Research Director, Finland (from October 2023)