BioAgora to collaborate with NetworkNature on biodiversity

NetworkNature’s Taskforces cluster meeting

In its efforts to build a community of researchers and stakeholders, BioAgora participated in last week’s ‘taskforces cluster meeting’ of NetworkNature. The meeting, attended by some 80 participants, took place in Brussels on 7 June and  offered a great opportunity for fruitful cooperation in further developing the Science Service for Biodiversity.

The NetworkNature research project, funded by Horizon 2020, is building  resources for the nature-based solutions (NBS) community. Nature-based solutions receive much policy attention as they offer a possibility to link biodiversity restoration to wider societal challenges.

The project’s objectives align well with those of BioAgora, by synthesising outcomes of Horizon projects on NBS, building acommunity, and ensuring that NBS science informs policy and vice versa.

Channelling NBS research

With the project coming to an end soon, and a follow-up project NetworkNature+ to start in August 2023, this cluster meeting brought together the six project task forces, which covered subjects such as data and knowledge sharing, governance, and co-creation. NetworkNature also looked ahead and invited BioAgora to address possible mutual benefits. A short panel discussion, together with  the  DG Environment of the European Commission and the Horizon Europe project CO-OP4CBD, identified benefits such as the role that BioAgora and the future Science Service for Biodiversity can play in channelling NBS research from NetworkNature into the EU Biodiversity Platform, input into BioAgora’s demonstration case on NBS, and feedback on how NetworkNature output fed into policy discussions.

BioAgora will keep you informed of the upcoming developments of this collaboration.

© Banner image: Riku Lumiaro/Syke