What’s next for BioAgora in 2024?

The year 2024 will be a busy time to develop the Science Service for Biodiversity and to organise several workshops, webinars, or other events. We are already committed to:

  • Developing and testing the upcoming functions of the Science Service for Biodiversity (SSBD) together with the European Commission (EC) and the Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity (KCBD) but also engaging with a broader audience to carefully assess the transformative potential of the functions.
  • Organising an event for Horizon Europe funded projects in March 2024, which will serve as a kick-off meeting for a series of webinars to be held in collaboration with Horizon Europe.
  • Taking part in international conferences and seminars to present BioAgora and to discuss science-policy interaction and how to transfer biodiversity knowledge into actionable knowledge. For example, we will host a session together with the KCBD in the World Biodiversity Forum in June in Davos.
  • Opening a call to invite third parties to contribute to demonstration cases relevant to the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and capacity-building activities. The Financial Support for Third Parties (FSTP) will be organised by using the EU cascade funding model and the call will be open late spring or early summer 2024.

BioAgora is looking forward to achieving all its goals in 2024 and building upon the groundwork laid down in the last year.