BioAgora celebrates World Wetlands Day 2023!

BioAgora celebrates the international World Wetlands Day and acknowledges the importance of wetlands for the health of all ecosystems. Wetlands are of great importance for both nature and society as they provide water and filter it, protect from storms and floods, sustain biodiversity, improve livelihoods and even store carbon!

The theme of of this year’s World Wetlands Day is wetland restoration. It highlights the urgent need for restoration of the planet’s wetlands and the importance of ripple effects for a long-lasting and tangible impact.

Restoration begins with science-based evidence and the World Wetlands Day is an opportunity for all nations to prioritise wetlands restoration in their policy-making agenda. BioAgora supports a legislative transformation for European biodiversity and its protection based on research and evidence.

Here are a few best practices in wetland restoration efforts:

7 best practices in wetlands restoration

For more information, you can visit the World Wetlands Day website.