BioAgora is ready to kick off

The first months of BioAgora have seen numerous developments. From the project’s brand to planning of organisational tasks and preparations for the Kick-off meeting on 9 November, BioAgora has had a productive few months.

BioAgora logo

The BioAgora logo represents the graphic identity of the project. With colours varying from green to blue, petals symbolically represent shoots of a new organism. The core mission of the project is to develop the Science Service for Biodiversity and meet the needs of European decision-makers with the latest research outcomes on biodiversity.

Website and social media

BioAgora’s social media accounts are all up and running and the project’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are expected to grow exponentially.

The BioAgora website was launched too, featuring the distinct visual identity of the project. Designed in a smart and intuitive way, the website serves as the main source of information about the project’s aims, work plan, current progress, and ways to get involved. All relevant files such as publications and deliverables will be uploaded to the website, in line with our open-access policy.

BioAgora Kick-off meeting

The BioAgora Kick-off meeting will take place in Helsinki, Finland, as a hybrid launch event with the aim of raising awareness about the value and expected positive impact of the project among key target audiences (registration is mandatory). The brand new BioAgora introduction video will be officially premiered. This three-minute video presents the story of BioAgora, along with the project’s aims and expected outcomes. It will be shared through the project’s YouTube channel.

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